Cambridge University Association Football Club

Match reports

17th November 2017

Cambridge 3 - 1 Loughborough II

On Wednesday, Cambridge faced Loughborough 2s in a game where both sides were eager for points. The Blues got off to a good start as they instantly won the ball back from the Loughborough kick-off. In the first minute, a throw-in from Gerda Bachrati reached Isabel whose shot was blocked. The ball made it to Liz Ashcroft on the right wing who played a through-ball into the box to which Sophia D’Angelo neatly placed past the keeper.

Loughborough soon responded with a goal-kick that reached the Cambridge defence. The clearance was intercepted by their winger whose shot on goal went wide. However, Loughborough had a second opportunity with a corner and this time they were successful as they headed the ball into the goal. With the score now even, the Blues tried to create more chances to regain the lead. Natalie Faktor took a free kick, won by Isabel, that just missed the goal. Sophia also had a chance which she created by beating both the last defender and the keeper, but under increasing pressure the shot went just wide of the net. Loughborough responded in a similar manner but Fiona Conlon made a fantastic tackle to regain possession. The first half finished with an ambitious ball down the wing which Liz managed to reach and whip into the box, but the Loughborough keeper got there just before Daisy Luff.

In the second half, the Blues made a strong start with combination play in the midfield before the ball was sent to Daisy in the left corner. Daisy beat her defender and crossed the ball into the box but was saved by the keeper. Another chance was created by Isabel who won the ball in the middle of the pitch, tapped it to Katy Edwards who opened up and played a great slotted pass to Liz who cut inside, but the Loughborough defender blocked the shot. A corner taken by Gerda was met with a strong header by Linnea Gradin and the Loughborough keeper did well to save it. The Blues finally went ahead as Henny Horsler sprinted down the right wing to chase the ball and crossed it in. The cross was deflected by the defender and ended up in the back of the net. The game was then secured by Gerda whose clearance from midfield bounced over the keeper to make the final score 3-1 to Cambridge.