Cambridge University Association Football Club

Match reports

18th October 2017

Wolverhampton 1 - 1 Cambridge

The newly-promoted Blues travelled to Wolverhampton for their first game of the season to face a team who finished second in the league last year.

Although it took some getting used to the slick pitch in the drizzly weather, the Blues quickly settled into the game, with holding midfielders Isabel and Katy Edwards closing down every ball. The Blues dominated possession and Wolves were especially struggling to keep up with attacking midfielder Zoe Cohen who ran rings around their midfield and defence. Against the run of play, Wolves managed to go one up after 20 minutes, with a well-taken shot from the top of the box that keeper Laura Bleehen could do nothing about. However, the Blues did not let this phase them as they reset strongly and prevented Wolves from getting any further chances. The Blues were unlucky not to convert one of Liz Ashcroft’s many textbook crosses from the right wing before half time.

After a rousing talk from new coach Pedro at half time, the team immediately put his strategy into play with a fantastic combination play straight from kick off that led to Zoe placing a beautiful through-ball to new striker Jen Atherton who used her newly-discovered left foot to calmly drill the ball into the back of the net. The rest of the game was dominated by the Blues, especially down the left wing with Jamie Cyr and Daisy Luff providing options and combining with Henny Horsler, who also kept their defence under constant pressure. At the other end of the pitch, Wolves had no further opportunities with Linnea Gradin, Connie Buttner, Natalie Faktor, Gerda Bachrati and then Fiona Conlon providing a strong defence throughout the game.

The game ended 1-1 with Cambridge feeling they should have come home with three points but overall it was a very pleasing performance and the Blues did not look out of place in the new league.